Vcelovina store

Vcelovina store If you find yourself near Smolenice, stop by our company for a unique combination of the best mead and pleasant surroundings.

You will find us only a few steps from the Smolenice castle at the foot of the Small Carpathian mountains, and just a short distance from the highest mountain in the region - Záruby.

Vcelovina storeIn our company store, you can choose from a complete selection of honey, mead, Vcelovina, honey beer Medobeer, honey distillate Medovec and a variety of other bee products.


Vcelovina store

Feel free to indulge yourself in the sweet world of mead.

We offer a number of possibilities for tasting, with a charming view of the Smolenice castle.

For adults

Eat like a king and experience unique moments in the company of your closest friends and a mythical drink of strength, courage and love.

Vcelovina store

The Secret of Mead Production

For most people, the process of producing mead is a veiled secret. We will unlock the doors allowing you to peek inside and to discover the secrets of mead production.

In the magical atmosphere of our tasting room, we will introduce you to nine types of mead. You will have the opportunity to learn about our mead and honey beer, brewed with love by our own exclusive recipes.

Production tour with tasting

Tasting of mead (9 samples) and a tour of our production facilities.

An ideal choice for individuals or small groups.

Price: 5,- Euros / person
approx. 60 min.

Next date available: 27.7.2019 at 13:00 PM (next term will be 31.8.2019 at 13:00 PM)
Number of people is limited, reservations required.