VCELOVINA has several forms.

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Včelovina Original 0,75L

Vcelovina Original 0,75L

Three quarters of a liter of gold in a classical bottle - that's VCELOVINA ORIGINAL.

A holder of multiple awards for taste. VCELOVINA undergoes original method of cold production; it ferments at 17°C.

From a combination of spring water, three excellent types of honey from Small Carpathians region and active yeasts, Saccharomyces cerevisiae, a drink which you will find irresistible is created.

Volume: 0,75 l Alk.:13% vol

Firemná predajňa

Vcelovina Special 0,75l

VCELOVINA SPECIAL is a specially matured mead with exceptionally delicate flavor.

Notes of honeycomb with delicate hints of chocolate, vanilla and dried fruits.

Awarded golden medal and Best Mead in the World Award 2013-2015 from world beekeeping congress APIMONDIA.

Volume: 0,75L Alk.:13% vol

Vcelovina Special Retro 500ml

Vcelovina Special Retro 500ml

VCELOVINA SPECIAL RETRO - exclusive packaging Vcelovina Special 0,5L
in gift ceramic bottles with swing top closure.

Volume: 0,5L Alk.:13% vol