Vcelovina Special Retro

Special Retro

Royal packaging of beverage of kings ...
Honey, water and a mastery of meadmakers.

Honey, water and
a mastery of meadmakers.

VCELOVINA is one of the most awarded
meads in Slovakia and worldwide.

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Mead Production

Mead Production

Vcelovina is a tribute to the bees ...
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Principles we follow during honeywine VCELOVINA production

Sometimes you have to wait for good things

VCELOVINA production requires more time compared to other meads.Sometimes you have to wait This better preserves the complex tastes of the honey ...
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Celebration of pure nature

VCELOVINA is produced in a traditional way, free of any added aromas, Celebration of pure naturecolorants or preservatives...

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We appreciate hard work

Bees fly up to 70,000 kilometres to produce a single bottle of VCELOVINA... We appreciate hard work

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Mead production

Short videos of our meadery.