How do you serve VCELOVINA?

How do you serve VCELOVINA to enhance its taste? Good mead doesn't need any herbs or any additions. It can be drunk as it is, chilled to 12°C or heated to 55°C.

Cold mead should be served at 12-16°C.Cold mead should be served at 12-16°C
Mead will reveal its best tones at the correct temperature. If you serve mead cold, it will taste best at a temperature of 12-16°C.

How do you achieve this temperature?
Simply store mead in the refrigerator and before serving, let it rest in the glass for a minute or two at room temperature.

It won't reach room temperature in such a short time but at the same time, it won't be too cold.

Serve heated mead at around 50°C
Serve heated mead at around 50°C
Hot mead is very enjoyable in cold weather.
The ideal temperature for serving hot mead is
between 50–55°C.

You can also heat it in the microwave without
worrying about damaging the taste. If you have
a regular microwave with power of 800–900W, with
a storage temperature of 18–20°C, 100ml of mead will
be ready in 30 seconds.

In any case, don't heat mead to over 60°C.
It will start to foam and it will rapidly lose its flavor.

Only heat the amount you actually need
Only heat the amount you actually need
It isn't very good to heat mead and keep it warm.
Only heat mead when it's going to be consumed.
Your taste buds will thank you.

If a large amount of mead is heated, for example, in a pot and you don't serve it immediately, it will
lose its taste and quality very quickly.

Serve cold mead in a stemmed glassServe cold mead in a stemmed glass
and hot mead in a whisky glass
The best glasses for serving cold mead are tulip
shaped, stemmed glasses.
If you can choose, select glasses for white wine
or port.

Glasses without stems should be used for serving
hot mead. Whisky glasses are very good but mead
also tastes delicious in glass cups with handles.

Hot or cold, try to serve mead in a clear glass.

Serve 50ml to 100ml of mead
Serve 50ml to 100ml of mead
We serve 50ml to 100ml depending upon
the size of glass.

Choose a glass so the mead reaches one third
or half way up the glass. A full glass of hot mead
can also be served.