We had to carry out dozens of experiments before we achieved the final recipe for VCELOVINA.

Then we had finally created a drink which is one of the best meads (honey wines) in the world. Why does everyone like it?


1. A good product needs time
VCELOVINA ferments at low temperatures, around 17 °C.

Cold production takes longer, but the reward
for patience is that the aroma of honey is better

2. From three kinds of honey
VCELOVINA is the result of long term experimentation with honey.
We have achieved a sophisticated taste by mixing three different types of honey, a taste which can't be found elsewhere.

Their balanced coupage forms the future
taste and aroma of VCELOVINA.

3. Pure nature
We don't use any chemical preservatives, aromas or coloring in the production of VCELOVINA.

It's based on honey, water
and the mastery of beekeepers.

4. Water quality
We use pure drinking water from the Small Carpathians area in our production, which contains the right proportion of minerals, and is filtered four times.

What is most important? Noble yeasts, of course.
It was not easy. We tried 34 types of different yeast before finding a yeast which gives an excellent performance. Finally, the 35th strain proved to be right.

You probably won't remember the Latin name, Saccharomyces cerevisiae, but it's because of this yeast that you'll remember the taste of VCELOVINA.