Honey, water and
a mastery of meadmakers.

VCELOVINA is one of the most honoured
meads in Slovakia and worldwide.

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Our bees

Vcelovina is a tribute to the bees ...
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Mead Production

Vcelovina is a tribute to the bees...
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Principles we follow during honeywine VCELOVINA production

Sometimes you have to wait
for good things

VCELOVINA production requires more Sometimes you have to wait for good thingstime compared to other meads. This better preserves the complex tastes of the honey...
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Celebration of pure nature
VCELOVINA is produced in
a traditional way, free of any
Celebration of pure natureadded aromas, colorants
or preservatives...

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We appreciate hard work
Bees fly up to 70,000 kilometres
to produce a single
We appreciate hard workbottle of VCELOVINA...

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How to drink Vcelovina ?

Drink it as you like, it’s up to you and it is your mead. However, if you would like to give the drink what it deserves, we have some advice.

We recommend clear 2-decilitre glass
1. We recommend clear 2-decilitre glass
The harmony of light, consistency and aroma of this delicious drink shine through without any patterns and ornaments.

Pour a third or a half a glass.

If served cold, the glass should have a tulip shape
2. If served cold, the glass should have a tulip shape

This is not for appearances; rather the drink inside can better develop its aroma.

Recommended temperature of cold mead: 12 – 16 °C

If you serve VCELOVINA warm, whisky glasses are more suitable
3. If you serve VCELOVINA warm, whisky glasses
are more suitable

Hot mead warms up and creates a pleasant atmosphere.

Recommended temperature of hot mead: 55 °C

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Mead is usually served as appetizer, but it is also excellent with meals.
Which ones specifically?

It is delicious with cheeses including parmigiano or blue cheese. Take a bite, a sip of cold mead and then chew the cheese. Fantastic.

Cakes and baked desserts
Cakes and baked desserts
Mead is particularly good
with honey cakes and
gingerbread. A combination
of mead and walnut cake
is also surprisingly good.

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VCELOVINA has several forms.

Which choice is best for you?

Honeywine Classical
Honeywine Small bottle
Honeywine For companies
Three quarters of a liter of gold
in a classical bottle - that's
Small bottle
Would you like to try VCELOVINA
for the first time?
Order a small bottle for yourself
or to give to guests or friends.
For companies
Are you looking for an original gift for yourself or your business partners?
Mead has many names: liquid gold, traditional Slavic drink, a natural product, an elixir of strength and youth, the drink of the gods, ambrosia.